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Explore the site to learn from the experiences of 40 Summer Learning Initiative grantees across seven states who received in-depth coaching and professional development to build their summer programs.

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Catch the vision as leaders share how summer learning can make a positive difference for students — and show why a fresh approach to program planning can unlock exciting possibilities.

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Follow the planning path to launch your own journey toward a high-quality summer learning program. This easy-to-follow path takes you step-by-step, with tools and resources to help you complete your work. Start now!


Before you start down the path, visit the Program Implementation Planner page to ...

  • Get clear about where you’re headed. Intentional program planning helps you use time and resources wisely, support student success, and get the results you want. Having a clear path toward outcomes that matter also provides focus and reduces stress for you and your team.
  • Get your planning tools. The Program Implementation Planner, user guide and sample planner will help your team cut to the chase and cover all the bases. Ready to develop a plan that’s strategic, comprehensive and results oriented? Download the tools before you head down the planning path.


Want to Plan a summer learning program? You’re in the right place!

Do you want your summer program to intentionally build skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that promote students’ academic achievement and healthy development? Do you hope to build on students’ interests while exposing them to college, career and enrichment opportunities they might otherwise miss? Is one of your goals to reduce summer learning loss? You’ve come to the right place! This site shares the planning process, tools and insights from 21st CCLC grantees who received training and coaching through the Summer Learning Initiative to help them plan, design, implement and assess high-quality summer learning programs.


Want to professionalize your grantees? We’ve got help for you!

Out-of-school time experts worked with 21st CCLC practitioners to sequence seven steps for planning, designing, implementing and assessing a high-quality summer learning program. With each step, you’ll find the guidance, tools and resources you need to consider when developing your RFP or when helping your grantees understand how to plan their summer program. Videos highlight programs like yours that have followed the path, and they feature program leaders who are happy to share their wisdom and experiences.



Coaching: Support for Career Development

The Summer Learning Initiative is not a one-touch training event. The team applied research-based knowledge and subject matter expertise to design a professional learning and coaching approach and tools that help program leaders build critical knowledge, skills and capacity. Through a combination of individualized on-site and virtual technical assistance and coaching, participating grantees have grown in their ability to effectively lead their program team in designing a high-quality, impactful summer learning program.

The knowledge gained through the Summer Learning Initiative has greatly improved my work to develop a sustainable program that is goal-driven and student centered. It has provided me the opportunity to discuss, in depth, strategies with others in the field so I can intentionally align my knowledge as a seasoned educator to the responsibilities of an out-of-school time professional. This is the type of work that adds dignity and professionalism to the field and raises the bar to a level that is necessary to impact the academic achievement of young scholars. I want to be a part of every cohort just for the mere purpose of gaining accountability partners and participating in the professional learning community!

—New Jersey Grantee